Image of Howls



Scented or unscented, they can have a use, or just be obtuse! Ok Ok, that makes no sense based on definition but it sounded good.

These little howls come either scented or unscented. Keep them in your car or underwear drawer with a bit of scented oil, or keep them on your shelf as is. They're adorable and soft and unique. Each one is made to order, if you have a colour preference please say so in the notes, as for scent:
Grapefruit, vanilla, cupcake, lavender, rose, or unscented.
If you don't specify colour or scent, they will arrive as a surprise colour and unscented! You can always add a few drops of your favourite essential oils!

*the photo is of owls are an example, these owls have all found homes, owls choose their own face and look during the multiple felting processes they face